This post is about installing iPerf2 from source. The target machine used as an example is an Apple MacBook Pro 2023 with an Apple M2 Pro chip.

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Install dependencies with Homebrew:

brew install gcc automake

Download source

Go to, click on the Files tab, and download the .tar.gz file for your desired version.

In this post, I used 2.1.9

Put it somewhere on your machine like ~/Downloads.

Extract and enter the directory using tar -xvf <archive> like so:

cd ~/Downloads
tar -xvf iperf-2.1.9.tar.gz
cd iperf-2.1.9


If you’ve not already entered the directory from the previous step, do so now.

  1. Run ./configure to configure the for our machine:
  1. Compile iPerf2:
  1. Install iPerf2
sudo make install


Run iperf -v:

iperf -v
iperf version 2.1.9 (14 March 2023) pthreads



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